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Composer for FIlm, Media, Games and TV

Welcome to Leonardo Furore's official composer / composer Portfolio.  In this section you can update yourself on the latest developments and learn more about his musical projects.

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A profile of Leonardo Furore? Spending his childhood in Rome's diverse music scene, Leonardo Furore was able to draw energy and inspiration from this electrifying environment. Check out his music portfolio and get in touch with any comments or questions.

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Leonardo Furore lives in Rome and is constantly looking for new opportunities to collaborate with other professionals in the sector and improve their technical skills. In his career he has already worked on various groundbreaking projects and continues to outdo himself with his great inspiration and imagination. If you want to find out more about his influences, interests or previous work, get in touch today.

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Composing Music
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Discover the magic of sound with a versatile music composition service. My skilled composers craft captivating melodies across all genres, tailoring each composition to your unique vision. From heartfelt ballads to exhilarating beats, I bring your ideas to life with exceptional artistry and precision. Embrace the power of music today.


Dive into a world of sonic splendor with my unparalleled orchestration service. I breathe life into your compositions, transcending genres with seamless finesse. From symphonic grandeur to contemporary twists, I orchestrate your musical vision, blending instruments in perfect harmony. Elevate your sound and captivate audiences with our artistic mastery.


Step into the realm of sonic perfection with my dynamic production service. From pulsating beats to soothing melodies, my skills transform your ideas into awe-inspiring musical realities across all genres. Immerse yourself in top-tier sound engineering, and watch as your vision evolves into an unforgettable auditory masterpiece. Elevate your music today!

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